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Monday, January 31, 2011

Access to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge with your Credit Card

UPDATE 18 February 2012 - please click here to my new blog called GenX GenY GenZ to read my latest article on airport lounge complimentary access titled FREE Entry to KLIA & LCCT Plaza Premium Lounge and worldwide too. This latest article covers LCCT too which below does not. Moreover, there have been some changes to card benefits since January 2012.

Free food and beverages at Kuala Lumpur International Airport with credit cards. 

For international flights we are advised to be at the airport earlier to check in and this sometimes results in us having wait a couple of hours prior to boarding the plane and the seats inside the departure hall are not very comfortable.

Airport lounges provide us an alternative place to relax or have a drink or meal in a more comfortable environment while waiting. Previously, access to airport lounges usually are free when you purchase business or first class air tickets. Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to fly first class or business class to enter airport lounges worldwide if you have Priority Pass card. The Standard Chartered Bank Visa Infinite issued in Malaysia offers unlimited entry to worldwide airports lounges with Priority Pass card.To qualify for the Standard Chartered Bank Visa Infinite, you need to be a Priority Banking customer with them. 

With the Priority Pass Card, the holder can enter KLIA and LCCT Plaza Premium Lounges here in Malaysia for free or at a discounted price. You may refer to to check the airport lounges worldwide. RHB Platinum Credit Card members used to be issued the Priority Pass Card but this benefit has been terminated and they are now only entitled to a total of 4 free visits annually to either KLIA, LCCT or Senai airport lounges. 

Nowadays, more and more people are travelling overseas as budget airlines make it more affordable. Our credit cards come with many benefits, usually requiring us to spend money with it to get the benefits, but there is one benefit that is truly "free" without you actually needing to do a transaction i.e. access to airport lounges. For our locally issued platinum credit cards, many give FREE access to Plaza Premium Lounge located at the Mezzanine Floor at the satellite terminal. 

The free access to airport lounges and KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge with our credit cards is limited to the Principal Card Holder only. You may bring in guests but you will have to pay for it.

Here's what you get at KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge:

1) Free Meals
2) Free Cold Soft Drinks
3) Free Hot Coffee or Tea
4)  Free Draft Beer
5) Free Massage (chair)
6) Free internet access.
7) Free shower amenities.

So what cards offer FREE access to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge? Well, I prepared a table below for your quick and easy reference. Please check with your card issuer to double confirm as the information is taken from their website prior to this posting and may change by the time you read this or they may not have updated their websites when I wrote this post. The table below shows free access to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge with credit card from Alliance Bank, Citibank, CIMB Bank, EON Bank, OCBC Bank, RHB Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and UOB Bank.  

Table showing free access to KLIA Plaza Premim Lounge With Credit Cards. Revised April 2011. Please also look up my post on EON Bank Platinum MasterCard where it also allows access to KLIA PPL.

From the above table, it can be concluded that Alliance Bank Platinum credit card is pretty good as you can enter unlimited times to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounges for free and the card comes with free annual fee waiver if you swipe 12 times or spend RM5,000 per year. This Platinum card also comes with free annual fee for Alliance Bank Privilege Banking customers. Alliance Platinum credit cards also give cash back capped at about RM68 for spending where the cash back is based on tier limited up to  RM5,000/month in addition to 2X reward points for overseas spending.

The newly launched CIMB Visa Signature also allows you to enter KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge twice a year and the card is free for life. I would say for this benefit, the CIMB Visa Signature beats my Direct Access World Master Card and Visa Infinite where these two cards don't even offer a free single access to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge. However to get the annual pass renewed, you got to spend RM100K with your CIMB Visa Signature Credit Card. 

Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card offer Priority Pass card which allows you free entry to airport lounges worldwide twice a year and 12 times at KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge. The Citibank Platinum Card only allows you entry to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge. But I must add, Citibank Platinum Card offers overseas Medical Insurance up to RM50,000 whereas Citibank Premier Miles card I can't find any info on overseas Medical Insurance. There is no mention of auto annual fee waiver for both Citibank cards but that does not mean Citibank will not waive it. 

Click here to read more on Citiabank Platinum Credit Cards.

OCBC Platinum MasterCard allows you to enter Singapore Changi airport lounge in addition to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge but this card is by invitation only.

EON Bank Visa Signature comes with Priority Pass card that gives you only 3 free access per year to airport lounges worldwide. In order to waive the annual fee, the card holder has to spend RM30,000 and above with the card. For the first year, the annual fee is free, and it does give extra 1% cash back for overseas transaction but that is if and only if you spend more than RM10,000 and is capped at RM500 per year. 

Click here to fo to EON Bank website for Visa Signature.

As for RHB Platinum Credit Cards, you get 4 times a year in total free access to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge or at LCCT and Senai. The card does have auto annual fee waiver feature if you spend RM36,000 with it but you can always request for the waiver if you spend less than this said amount. It is free with Premier Banking but you must apply using RHB Premier Banking application form.

Standard Chartered Bank Platinum credit card allows you unlimited access to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge and there is no auto annual fee waiver  feature.  

UOB Preferred Platinum Credit Card also offer once a month free access to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge but it is for the first 400 customers only (Privilege Banking customers with the words Privilege Banking embossed on their Credit Cards are not subjected to this first 400 quota). On 26th November 2011, my normal UOB Preferred Platinum Visa could not enter for free into the KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge as the quota has been achieved. But I  also have the Alliance Bank Platinum Visa credit card which allowed me free entry on that same day into the Plaza Premium Lounge :)

There are other cards that also provide "free" access to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge such as EON Bank MATTA Card (auto annual fee waiver with 36 swipes annually) which also gives you access to Singapore Changi Airport. However, the free access is limited to the first 500 customers at KLIA and 100 at Changi. AMBank Platinum credit cards also give you free access to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge but it comes with conditions like you have to purchase tickets with it and charge a certain sum overseas. 

Do check out if your card gives you free access to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge the next time you go to KLIA.

As for me personally, airport lounges not of importance as the first thing I do upon arrival at airports is ask - "where is the smoking room" :)

Bon Voyage.


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Update October 2011

Introducing the Maybank Visa Infinite which earns you 5X Treats Points for every RM1 spent overseas and it comes with the Priority Pass Membership that grants you 5 Free access to airport lounges worldwide. Click here to read my review on the Maybank Visa Infinite and its benefits

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  1. nice sharing, btw, you go any lounge before?
    how many card you holding now?

  2. Simon, thank you for the compliment. As for how many cards I have, read my posts, haha.

    Did you read my post above, I mentioned I entered KLIA Lounge.

  3. Just call Alliance Bank, the platinum card does not enjoy free access to LCCT premier lounge

  4. Thanks mike for the feed back. Next time I'm there I'll try to check it out.

  5. thanks for sharing all these.
    cimb visa infinite offer 2 voucher for free entrance at LCCT & KLIA per annum.

  6. hans, CIMB VI do not give you any free entrance to airport lounges BUT CIMB Visa Signature does. And to get the 2 free entrance renewed, you got to spend RM100K with the CIMB Visa Signature. If you going to spend RM100K, better use other cards that give better returns and pay for the two entrance to the airport lounge. haha.

  7. CIMB Visa Signature - Complimentary Airport Lounge Access- Enjoy complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounge "2 times a year", automatically renewed annually if your total spending Is RM100,000 or more per annum.

    Its not necessary to spend 100K to get the free 2 access as its given free every year. However if you spend 100K, you dont need to wait till complete 1 calendar year to get it.

  8. NovaBankingHall, I noted your first paragraph is taken from CIMB site. Reread it again - it states that "auto renewed annually" AND "spending RM100K per annum". I interpret it to mean that you need to spend RM100K this year to get the 2 free pass next year. There is no clause anywhere stating that you will get the 2 free pass renewed in the same year if you spend RM100K in less than 12 months.

    Those wanting to get the Visa Signature better call CIMB to confirm or else you will be pissed off the following year when you don't get free entrance to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge.

  9. i just called to confirm that my 2pcs vouchers can access PLAZA PREMIUM LOUNGE which are KLIA, LCCT & CHANGI. but this 2pcs vouchers only for the new CIMB VI card holder, and will not renewed on any condition. so i think eon visa signature, rhb plat, uob pref plat are better than cimb VI when someone always waiting for flight.

  10. hans, that is nice of CIMB to give you 2 vouchers to KLIA lounge and applicable for Changi too and the card is FREE :) I can't remember they gave me or not when I got the Direct Access VI.

    Well, for Visa Signature you got to spend like RM30K to get the Annual Fee waived but you get 3 annual Priority Passes applicable worldwide. But the thing is my wife can't enter for free :(

    RHB Plat is free with Premier Banking or if you spend RM36K with it to get 4 free annual passes to airport lounge.

    UOB Plat easier to get annual fee waived by just spending RM3K. Better if you can get UOB Privilege Banking Plat where it is not subjected to monthly quota.

    Best is Alliance Plat where you get unlimited access to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge :) My wife do have her own Principal Alliance Plat so both of us get to enter for free.

  11. hans, just to add, EON Bank Visa Signature gives Travel Insurance PLUS Medical Insurance if you purchase air tickets with it AND 1% cash back for overseas spending BUT their conversion rate for overseas transactions is kind of high based on my transaction on 2 January 2011 when comparing to BNM Forex rate. Will post it soon, come back and check next week. Click on EON VS link above if you have yet to read it.

  12. i have red ur link about EON VS, cos i'v just got mine EON VS as well. but i think i'll cancel the card before it reach 12mths, cos it wont waived the annual fees automatically. does Alliance Plat get unlimited access to LCCT also..?? i want to get a card that can offers me unlimited access to LCCT, what is ur suggestion..?

  13. hans, as mentioned by mike above, Alliance do not grant you free access to LCCT; however I can't confirm this. As for what card grants you unlimited access to LCCT, I don't know lah. Go check out Citi Premier Miles and SCB cards.

  14. SCB doesnt. will check out Citi PM. thanks :))

  15. How about Citibank cashback platinum card??? free access to airport lounges and KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge too??? THANKS

  16. Alliance Platinum doesn't grant you access to LCCT premier lounge, I've try that in LCCT last mth. No access for SCB Platinum either fro LCCT.

    Citibank Cashback "platinum" card is not granted on access to the premier lounge in KLIA or LCCT. I've test that in person too this year.

  17. Alvin, for access to LCCT Plaza Premium Lounge, please read my article on it.

  18. any idea which card or is priority pass allows you to bring in any guest to KLIA lounge? i know you can utilize your priority free pass in overseas lounge (they just deduct from your FREE#)...

  19. MH, unfortunately I don't. If you do find out, please let me know and thanks for reading m y blog.

  20. CIMB Pref entitle to access KLIA/SG/Bangkok/Indo lounge

    CIMB Prime also can enjoy access to KLIA premium launge with just min RM1k deposit


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