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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Malaysia Credit Cards Customer Service Contact Numbers

Behind our bank issued credit card, there is usually a contact number printed on it so that we may contact the Customer Service centre should we need info on our credit card or to make a complain.

How can I make your day?

Today, I will post all the Customer Service Contact Numbers behind my credit cards and also some I obtained from the banks' websites for our future reference (easier for me too to find out the contact numbers when I am on the road and my card not with me). This post may be useful should one day any of us would like to contact our credit cards' customer service but for some reason the our cards are not with us. You can check the bank's website too but by coming here you will get most of the banks' Customer Service contact numbers in one page. And you don't need to remember your card number as the Customer Service Representative can check your info with your IC number (if you can't remember your own IC number then I suggest you go memorize it). Below are Malaysia Banks' Credit Card Customer Service Contact Numbers and do note that call charges may be applicable for Toll Free line when calling with mobile phone (check with your TELCO):

Alliance Bank Customer Service General Line 03-55169988
Alliance Bank Platinum Credit Card Customer Service 03-55169898 

Ambank Customer Service General Line 1-300-80-8888

American Express Customer Service for all AMEX cards Toll Free 1-800-88-9559 (24 hours)
American Express Gold Charged Card Customer Service 03-20317888 (Office hours only).

CIMB Bank Credit Card Customer Service General Line 1-300-880-900 
CIMB Bank and Direct Access World MasterCard and Visa Infinite Customer Service 03-62047979
CIMB Bank and Direct Access Platinum Credit Card Customer Service 03-62047799
CIMB Bank and Direct Access Gold and Classic Credit Card Customer Service 03-62047788
CIMB Bank Visa Signature Customer Service Toll Free 1-800-233-688

Citibank Malaysia Credit Card Customer Service General Line 03-2383000
Citibank Malaysia Credit Card Customer Service for Sabah and Sarawak 1-800-82-1010

EON Bank Gold and Classic Credit Card Customer Service and General Line 03-26161133
EON Bank Platinum Credit Card Customer Service 03-26161188
EON Bank Visa Signature Customer Service 03-26161111 or Toll Free 1-800-88-2611 

Hong Leong Bank Customer Service General Line 03-76268899
Hong Leong Bank Platinum Credit Card Customer Service 1-800-38-8830

HSBC Malaysia Customer Service General Line 1-300-88-0181 or 03-83215202
HSBC Malaysia Premier Credit Card Customer Service 1-300-88-9393 or 03-83215208
HSBC Malaysia Platinum Credit Card Customer Service 03-20549000 or Toll Free 1-800-88-7088

Maybank Customer Service General Line 1-300-88-6688 or 03-78443696
Maybank Platinum Credit Card Customer Service Toll Free 1-800-88-1801

RHB Bank Customer Service General Line 03-92068118
RHB Bank Platinum Credit Card Customer Service 03-92061111

OCBC Malaysia Titanium Credit Card Customer Service 1-300-88-5000 or 03-83175000

UOB Malaysia Customer Service General Line 03-26128121
UOB Malaysia Platinum Credit Card Customer Service 03-26128080

For other credit cards customer service contact numbers, you got to go check it out yourself, hahaha

Did you noticed that many of the banks' contact numbers above have numbers ending with the No.8. For instance, MBB's Customer Service General Line Service number is damn nice 886688, and MBB is a GLC! Then we have RHB's Customer Service General Line where the last four digits are 8118, and RHB is owned by EPF! I must say even Hong Leong Bank telephone line numbers also not as nice as MBB's and RHB's numbers. EON Bank's Platinum Credit Card Customer Service last 4 digits, 1188 also pretty good. Ambank, which is owned by a Tan Sri, Customer Service contact number  have combination of 3 and 8s and if you add up all the numbers it still ends up No.8 i.e. 1+3+0+0+8+0+8+8+8+8 =  44 = 4+4 = 8. I just like my car and mobile numbers to end with 8 and best 88 and as you can see Malaysia Banks also practice the same. If you are crazy like me into number No.8, read more on the No.8 at my other blog click here.

Over the years, I have found that American Express Customer Service to be second to none. Maybank Customer Service has improved since last year. I guess Maybank's improvement in providing customer service  is because of them taking over American Express operations in Malaysia where AMEX's staff are able to share/teach/train MBB staff.

I also find that Hong Leong Bank Platinum Customer Service, RHB Bank Platinum Card Service and OCBC Bank Malaysia Customer Service General Line to be very good where their representatives would actually call me back after checking on my queries if they are unable to attend to it on the spot.

If you do receive a call for anybody claiming that he/she is from the bank and you are suspicious, call your Customer Service immediately to verify if the call is genuine. Never disclose any personal information to a person calling you over the phone.

If you want immediate answers/actions regarding your credit card call Customer Service e.g. I want to request for increase in my credit limit for my credit card, when is my credit card GST due, why can't my credit card transaction go through, why is my credit card being rejected, I want to redeem reward points, lost card etc.

Talking about phone calls, once a while I do get calls from insurance companies claiming that they are from so and so bank offering this and that products. It may be genuine, but before you go buy insurance policies over the phone like for Personal Accident Insurance or Life Insurance with a specific credit card, make sure you check what happens if you cancel the credit card in the future i.e. will the policy be terminated. This is because some policies are tied to the credit card where the bank and the insurance company jointly promotes it.

When speaking to a Customer Service Representative, always ask for the Customer Service Representative's name and write down the name for future reference. Do not ever shout or scold the Customer Service Representative as he/she can only tell you what is shown in the computer screen, they have no authority to make decisions and can only forward your request to the relevant department/person.  Also to note, no two same person will provide the same service, the senior staff are more well informed and may be able to attend to your queries promptly as compared to a junior one. If you are not satisfied with a particular CS feed back, call back the Customer Service and the next person attending your call may be more helpful.

If you have a complain, better that you write or email to your bank on what you are actually complaining about in detail instead of telling the Customer Service Representative over the phone. And if the Customer Service Representative is rude, email to the bank explaining in detail your experience. Always be polite to the banks' representatives and at the end of the conversation also wish them "have a good day" like they have to do hundreds of time a day to other customers.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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