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Which Is The Best Credit Card For You?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Best Credit Card in Malaysia - Is There Really One?

Latest Update December 2013 - OCBC Titanium MasterCard has been revamped once again and now offer unlimited 1% cash back FOR ALL TREANSACTIONS. And it is now FREE FOR LIFE with minimum annual income requirement of RM24K only.

It is human nature to want the best in everything even when it is free. I noticed that many people always asked - what is the best credit card? Well the answer can only be answered by yourself, taking into consideration on how and where you spend your money. For me, before the imposition of government service tax of RM50 per principal card, the answer was simple - any card that gives free annual fees is considered best. Now I have to consider GST and weigh it against the credit card benefits but the most important thing to me is still free annual fees and at the very least auto annual fee waiver with condition(s). 

This post, I will try to list out the benefit of credit cards free ( auto waiver ) annual fees that I know off and hope that it can help you decide what card is best for you.

The Best Credit Card in Malaysia - Is There Really One?
An Article by GenX
GenX Profile and Definitions of Words Used.
MAYBANKARD 2 CARDS - Platinum and Gold American Express, Visa and MasterCard. Free for Life, no conditions.

This product was launched in January 2011 and it comes in a pair where you'll be issued an American Express Credit Card and the option to pair it with a Visa or MasterCard. This product is good if and only if you spend at merchants that accept American Express cards. Reason being is that the Maybankard 2 American Express credit card gives 5x Treat Points which works out to be approximately 2.5% cash back with voucher redemption and on top of that it gives 5% cash back up to RM50/month on Saturdays and Sundays. If you shop at Sungai Wang or Low Yat Plaza then maybe this Maybankard 2 Amex is not suitable for you as many of the shoes, fashion and IT outlets do not accept American Express cards. In the event a particular merchant do not accept American Express card, that is when you get to use your Maybankard 2 Visa or MasterCard but these two cards only gives 1X reward points. If you want  installment plans from merchants, Maybank credit cards are quite usefull as many merchants have 0% installment plan with MBB cards.

I would say that Maybankard 2 Platinum or Gold American Express is second to none and a must have card to have, simply because of the 5X Treats Points (equivalent to approximately 2.5% cash back) for any transaction anytime everywhere in the world. Some of the outlets that accept American Express Cards are as follows:

Hypermarkets - TESCO, GIANT, Carrefour, Cold Storage, JJ Supermarket.
Department Stores - Jaya Jusco, Parkson, Robinson, Tangs, Metro Jaya, Isetan.
Pharmacies - Guardian, Watson and Caring.
Hotels - 4 stars and above in general.
Dinning - Tai Thong, Pasta Zamai, Amarin, Pappa Rich at 1U, Conton i, Pizza Hut (including delivery to home too) and most fine dining restaurants.
IT and Furniture - Harvey Norman, Courts, All IT, DELL.
Toys - Toys R Us (Amex could not be used the last time I was at their outlet in Empire Gallery).   
Car Service Centres - BMW, Mercedes Benz and Volvo.
Telcos: Celcom, DiGi and Maxis and some TM machines.

Luxury item outlets - if the outlet do not accept AMEX then it is not a luxury item outlet, haha.

The Maybankard 2 cards are not suitable if you only shop at fashion and IT outlets like in Sungai Wang or Low Yat and pump petrol at Petronas. The Maybankard 2 American Express card rewards you with 5X Treats Points at petrol stations and on weekends it entitles you to addition 5% cash back.

The Maybankard 2 Visa and MasterCard entitles you to 6% discount when you book your hotel room online with


EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 2013 - OCBC BANK has once again revised their Titanium MasterCard features and it now only offers UNLIMITED 1% Cash Back. Click here to read my latest review of the OCBC Titanium MasterCard new features. And this card is now FREE FOR LIFE without any conditions.


This card is pretty good as you gives you cash back plus reward points. The cash back is based on tier up to maximum spending of RM5,000. The maximum cash back you'll get per month with this card is about RM68. The reward points are evergreen. For overseas spending you'll get 2X but I would suggest if you go overseas often, better you go with MBB Visa or MasterCard Platinum where you get 2X reward points and lower conversion rate but no cash back.

Click here to view cash back tiers for the Alliance Classic, Gold and Platinum credit cards.

At the present time, the best feature of the Alliance Bank Platinum credit card is that you get to enter KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge unlimited times per year. 

This card is good if you spend between RM4000 to RM5000 per month to maximize the cash back. To note that after RM5000, you don't get cash back but still get points which are evergreen. I would say this card is good for fixed expenses (e.g. insurance premiums) where we don't get 5% cash back with other cards. If you do spend above RM2K to RM5K per month, click here to read my article Earn Pocket Money with your Credit Card and see how you can benefit with the Alliance Platinum credit card cash back.

[Update July 2012 - UOB is getting ridiculous. In order for the UOB One Card Classic Annual Fee automatically waived with 60 swipes per year!! And for the UOB One Card Platinum the requirement is 12 swipes per year BUT you got to spend RM36K/year to qualify for auto annual fee waiver!!!! What a joke, the income requirement for UOB One Card Platinum is RM36K and they expect you to spend all you income with the card????]

In 2011, UOB relaunched their revamped UOB One Card into a pure cash back card where it earns the card holder 5% cash back for Petrol. However, the cash back for petrol is capped at RM20 and RM30 or RM400 and RM600 worth of petrol respectively for Classic and Platinum cards. The UOB One Card also earns you 5% cash back for movie tickets.

For Telco, Pharmacy and Groceries it earns you cash back of 2% and other general transactions miserable 0.3% cash back.

In addition to the cash back, you can also earn SMART$ Cash at participating merchant. For example, the UOB Once Card earns you extra 2% and 5% SMARTS Cash at BHP and Coach respectivel.

If you buy Coach bags often, then you must get a UOB Credit Card as you get 5% SMART$ Cash which is uncapped unlike OCBC Titanium MasterCard and Maybankard 2 American Express. But then again, during Coach Sale, you got to check if you get any UOB SMART$ Cash (according to UOB Terms and Conditions you don't), if not, better go with Maybankard 2 Amex on weekends and get some cash back.


This card is good if you pump petrol at Petronas only where you'll get 5X Treats Points. Please note   Maybankard 2 American Express is not accepted at many Petronas stations. But if you got the OCBC Titanium then no point having this card unless you can use up the 5% cash back for dining, utilities and groceries. Once again, with 5X Treats Points with the MBB Petronas Visa, you get approximately 2.5% cash back in terms of voucher or maybe more if you redeem for petrol. 
For overseas spending, MBB Visa and MasterCard conversion rate is the lowest but you only get 1X points with the MBB Petronas Visa Platinum versus 2X with MBB Platinum Visa/MasterCard (got to request for annual fee waiver and not guaranteed that it will be waived).


CIMB have many type of credit cards, so I will just list out the benefit of each card in general. CIMB do have pretty good promotions like Balance Transfer and discount at KFC, Starwood group hotel restaurants, Tai Thong group restaurants and etc. Only thing is that CIMB promotions are for limited time only. CIMB MasterCard also give you free gift for spending your money at Pavilion and Sunway Piramid during the festive seasons i.e. CNY, Raya and Year End. 

CIMB Petronas Credit Cards - once again this card is good at Petronas only where you'll get 5% cash back on the 1st of every month and 2% cash back for other days. 

CIMB Visa Signature - 2X reward points for overseas transactions, free 1 for 1 movie ticket at GSC and  2 times free access to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge a year. BUT you need to spend RM100,000 per year to get the free entry to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge renewed! If you can spend RM100,000 locally (where you only get 1X bonus point with CIMB Visa Signature), better you go get the Maybankard 2 American Express and get 500,000 Treats Points and pay for the 2 entries to the lounge, hahaha. So Visa Signature is not the best credit card in Malaysia.

CIMB Bank and Direct Access World MasterCard - 2x reward points for overseas transactions and free green fees at golf courses in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Limited time exclusive promotion - 15% discount at Eraman Duty Free and free coffee at Dome. I like the word free coffee and I like to drink coffee at Dome :) But this card don't even gets you a single free entry to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge automatically.

If you can, apply for the CIMB cards instead of Direct Access as some merchants do not know that Direct Access is CIMB where I have encountered a few times. 

The main benefit of CIMB cards since last year is the 0% Balance Transfer Plan where a new account will be created for every Balance Transfer application. This makes it easy to keep track on the Balance Transfer and differentiating it with other transactions with different statements. i.e. you will be issued a separate statement for the CIMB and Direct Access Balance Transfer Plans.

UPDATE October 2012 - looking for the best 0% Balance Transfer Plan? Click here to my article CIMB 6 Months 0% Balance Transfer Plan 2012.


Most RHB Gold and Classic credit cards now offer auto annual fee waiver with 12 swipes. If you are thinking of getting the RHB TESCO and Travel Money credit card, check out my review of RHB cards where I compared them with other credit card. The RHB cash back for petrol with the Travel Money Credit Card is kind of complicated and please read and understand the terms and conditions before signing up for it.

Click here to my article titled RHB Credit Cards Review and Promotions. In this article I also touched on the RHB Platinum Credit Card that offers 15% Cash Back at participating restaurants and showed you that one does not really get 15% cash back.

MACH by Hong Leong Bank - Entry Level Credit Card.

The Mach by Hong Leong bank is classified as a Gold Card but with minimum income requirement of RM24K/year, it is an entry level credit card.

This card is a pure cash back credit card and offer a unique but yet troublesome cash back mechanism. This card may be good if you watch 3D or IMAX Movies as it earns you 10% cash back for movie tickets. For petrol, the cash back  you earn with this card is a miserable 0.2%.

The MACH credit card comes with auto annual fee waiver with 12 swipes and the first year annual fee is waived for those who are NEW to Hong Leong Bank credit cards.

To read my review of the MACH credit card by Hong Leong bank, where I did a comparison of MACH versus Maybankard 2 Cards vs OCBC Titanium MasterCard vs Citibank Platinum Cash Back vs UOB One Card,  please click on link below:

MACH By Hong Leong Bank - First Look and Review


The HSBC credit cards are good if you were to consider the many contests it offers through out the year. When I say contest it means that you may not win anything but if you do win, then the card is good. The thing is, for HSBC promotions you must register via sms which I have given up on them (better for others as more chances for them). 

If only HSBC could stop the requirement to register for contest via sms and have a guaranteed cash back scheme, the HSBC credit cards would be pretty good since it gives auto annual fee waiver with just 12 swipes (please double confirm with HSBC Customer Service before applying because this auto annual fee waiver mechanism is no longer stated in HSBC website as of September 2012; however, for Amanah credit cards you still can find this at the HSBC Amanah website).

Click here to read my article HSBC Amanah MPower Platinum Cash Back 8% - Is It Really 8%?

Click here to ream my article titled HSBC Premier World MasterCard and Visa Signature Benefits 2012. Good new for HSBC World Premier MasterCard holders, you can now enjoy FREE drinks at MasterCard Exclusive Airport Corner Lounge at KLIA :) Click here to my article on MasterCard promotions at Malaysia Airports. 


Public Bank's credit cards are free with 12 swipes annually, so it is worth while mentioning here. The cash back from Public Bank cards are not competitive but Public Bank do have pretty good promotions through out the year.

However I must warn you, Public Bank is "stingy" when assigning credit card's credit limit. Don't be surprised if you are currently having a card with credit limit RM50,000 and you are approved with a Public Bank Platinum Visa or MasterCard with only RM20,000 credit limit.

However, I must point out to you that if you spend less than RM1K, the cash back you earn from your Public Bank credit cards would most probably not be enough to cover the annual GST of RM50.


Then there are co-brand cards like Citibank Air Asia Credit Card which is good if you want to be the earlier ones getting Air Asia offers before it is open to the public. Or HLB Matta Cards where you get to enter Matta Fair via a VIP lane. There are many co-brand credit cards in the market, if you do spend your money on a specified brand or outlet, go find a card that gives you most from spending there.

Below is a revised table I prepared for my other post titled Malaysia Annual Income Requirement and Credit Limit where I have indicated cards with free annual fees. Please note that since 18th March 2011, Bank Negara Malaysia have upped the annual income from RM18,000 to RM24,000 to be eligible for a credit card. Also please note that Maybank latest annual income requirement to be eligible for their credit cards is now RM30,000 per year and MBB no longer issue Classic Cards.


There is no one best card credit card in Malaysia. Take the Maybankard 2 American Express for example, if you only shop at places that accept Visa or MasterCard then this card is not for you.  For the OCBC Titanium, if you only have this card, you be losing out once you reach the maximum cash back of RM50/month and thus rendering it useless. The Maybank Petronas Visa credit card is good for overseas transactions where MBB conversion rate is the lowest but you only get 1X reward point so it is not the best either. For CIMB credit cards, especially the World MasterCard, you can get 15% discount at Eraman which is good for buying liquor but you get nothing for pumping petrol with it. The Alliance Bank Platinum credit card is best for access to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge but the cash back is based on tiers and if you spend less than RM2,000/month, the cash back is not competitive.  

In my opinion, if you earn more than RM36,000 per year to qualify for the OCBC Titanium MasterCard and if you spend less than RM1,000 a month, then the best credit card presently to have is the OCBC Titanium MasterCard. Actually this card compliments all credit cards; having said this, if you spend above RM1K on dining, petrol, groceries and petrol, then you got some work to do where you have to keep track on where you spent your money and the amount of cash back so that you can determine if you have reached the maximum capped cash back of RM50/month. So for people who are big spenders, the RM50 cash back may seem negligible and a big hassle and thus OCBC Titanium MasterCard is not the best credit card. 

If you spend more than RM2,000 a month within Malaysia, the best credit cards to have is by you having both the OCBC Titanium MasterCard AND the Maybankard 2 American Express credit card. The OCBC gives you 5% cash back everyday for groceries, petrol and dining and the Maybankard 2 AMEX gives you 5% cash back and 5X Treats Points for all transactions on weekends. Once you reach the cap cash rebate for the OCBC Titanium, switch to Maybankard 2 AMEX where you'll still earn 5% cash back on weekends plus 5X Treats Points for all transactions earning you approximately 2.5% in terms of vouchers. Simply putting it, your cash back would amount to a maximum of RM1,200 per year with both these cards if you spend more than RM2K per month.

For my case, in order not to complicate my life, I try to use my OCBC Titanium mainly for petrol and some dining transactions, and all other transactions with my Maybankard 2 Amex if the merchant do not offer discount with my other credit cards. Combining these two cards i.e. OCBC Titanium and Maybankard 2 AMEX, one can earn cash back up to RM1200 per year with just RM24,000 spending and this yet to include the 5X Treat Points earned with the MBB 2 Amex.

The Maybankard 2 Amex card is subjected to conversion/admin rate of 2.5% for overseas transactions; however with the 5X TP, you still get slightly better in return if you consider redemption for vouchers comparing it to MBB credit cards having 1X TP. Having said this, you'll have to fork out cash in advance to pay the monthly bill and redeem voucher later whereas with the Maybankard 2 Visa or MasterCard you get enjoy lower conversion rate compared to the Maybankard 2 Amex.

Update Feb 2012 - Click here to read comparison between Maybankard 2 Amex vs. Maybank MasterCard for overseas transactions.

For overseas, the Maybank Platinum MasterCard and Visa will earn you 2X Treats Points and MBB's overseas conversion rate is the best for credit cards. You'll only earn 1X TP with the MBB Petronas Platinum and Maybankard 2 Platinum Visa and MasterCard for overseas transactions. If you have the MBB World MasterCard or Visa Infinite, you'll be getting more in returns for overseas transactions.

Having said the above, there are times when the OCBC Titanium MasterCard and the Maybankard 2 American Express are not competitive when a particular merchant offer discount or benefit with other credit cards. For example, the Maybankard 2 Amex don't get you 15% discount at Eraman for Louis XIII and this is where the CIMB World MasterCard and Visa Infinite beats the Maybankard 2 Amex (as of now while promotion still valid at Eraman). In this example. the discount from the Louis XII can pay of GST for the CIMB WMC for more than a decade and that's after considering 10% given by Eraman to non CIMB card holders if you spend more than RM200. 

Then we have UOB credit card, this card is the best credit card in Malaysia for purchasing Coach handbags where you earn 5% Smart$ Cash which can be used at other SMART$ partner like BHP, Sushi King and even Coach itself. Well if you buy a Coach handbag costing less than RM1K, then maybe the Maybankard 2 Amex better where you get 5X Treats Points and 5% cash back on Saturdays and Sundays but got to remember the cash back for Maybankard 2 Amex is capped at RM50/month.

The UOB One Card Classic credit card with minimum annual income requirement  of RM24K/year gives those earning less then RM36K/year the opportunity to earn 5% cash back for petrol.

In my opinion, the best credit cards to use for purchasing a Rolex watch in Malaysia (where Rolex supposedly control/impose a standard discount rate in Malaysia for all its dealers) is the Maybankard 2 American Express and UOB credit  cards :) Reason are as follows:

The best credit card to use to purchase a Rolex (with standard discount rate) is the Maybankard 2 American Express where you can get 2.5% cash back in terms on vouchers. Click here to my other Blog read more about my article on Currencies Rolex No.8.

The best credit card to use to purchase a Rolex with 0% interest installment plan  (with standard discount rate) is the UOB credit card where you can have up to 18 months 0% installment at Rolex Boutique Swiss Watch Gallery at Pavilion. With the 18 months installment, you can deposit part of the purchase price into FD or for those with UOB Privilege Banking they can continue to earn up to 2% in their current account for more than a year! Click here to read my article where I gave an example of buying a Rolex with UOB Preferred Platinum and depositing the money into FD instead of paying it upfront in full.

In conclusion, the best credit card in Malaysia is the card that gives you back the most in terms of cash back or points or both (in the case of Maybankard 2 AMEX and Alliance Platinum credit cards) and it depends entirely on where you spend your money. So for my case, in order to benefit most from credit cards, I have to combine the benefits of My many Credit Cards to achieve the equivalent of a single best credit card in Malaysia.

Once again, here are the benefits of My Malaysia issued best Credit Card, or should I say cards, and how I benefit from them:
  • Alliance Bank Platinum Visa - FREE unlimited access to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge. I charge all my Insurance Premiums to it to maximize the tier cash back. I also use it where AMEX is not accepted. Maximum monthly cash back RM68+ plus reward points which are everygreen.
  • Direct Access World MasterCard - FREE coffee at Dome, 5% rebate at KFC, 20% discount at Burger King and Eraman 15% for liquor.
  • Maybank Visa Infinite for overseas transaction with 5X Treats Points.
  • OCBC Titanium MasterCard - 5% rebate for Petrol, dining and ASTRO.
  • Maybankard 2 American Express - on weekends and places where my other cards don't give discount because I earn 5X Treats Points PLUS 5% cash back.
  • UOB Preferred Platinum Visa - for buying handbags at Coach (and when at 1Utama, use it with 1U One Card to get additional 1% in terms of points)
I have to admit, before I got the Maybankard 2 Platinum American Express, I usually swipe my transactions with my American Express Gold Charge Card since I earn 3X Membership Reward points. However, this all change with the Maybankard 2 Amex which I now earn 5X Treats Points and get to see my Points multiple by 5 instead of 3 :)

But if you want to know what is the most prestigious card in the entire planet world, then my answer would be the American Express Black Card made from titanium. Look below, the black card states member since 88 like my Gold Charge Card :)

If you only need a credit card for petrol, then click here to read my article The Best Credit Cards for Petrol 2012.

Click here to read my article titled Malaysia Top 10 Credit Cards - The Ultimate Showdown 2012.

If you fly overseas frequently and or do spend a lot overseas, check out the Maybank Visa Infinite where you can get free 1 for 1 Business Class Air Ticket and earn 5X Treats Points. Click here to read my review of the Maybankard Visa Infinite, which in my opinion is The Best Credit Card for Overseas. 

In 2012, we now have 3 credit cards in Malaysia that issue the Priority Pass Membership Card for FREE and offer UNLIMITED complimentary entries to airport lounge worldwide. The cards are Standard Chartered Visa Infinite, UOB Visa Infinite and Alliance Bank Visa Infinite. Click here to learn more on how you can get free access to KLIA and LCCT Plaza Premium Airport Lounge and worldwide with credit cards.

Update December 2011 -  My Credit Cards 100th Post - The Best Credit Cards in 2011

Which Is The Best Credit Card for You in 2012? 
(Article by My Credit Cards: If you are reading this article elsewhere, beware that  site is a fake as they are copying my contents without my permission! )

Generally, credit cards in Malaysia can be categorized into 3 different levels depending on your annual income. To find the best card for you, check out the three articles below:

The first category is Entry Level credit cards where the annual income requirements are RM30,000 or less and includes Gold credit cards. Click here to read my article on Entry Level Credit Cards - Which Is The Best For You?  In this said article I mentioned what I thought was the worst credit card in Malaysia as far as returns are concerned. However, you'll be surprised that cards under this category are either in my Top 10 credit cards in Malaysia 2011 or listed as one of the best credit cards for petrol.

The second category is Platinum credit cards, the annual income requirement for a Platinum credit card nowadays starts at RM36K! To find out which is the best Platinum credit card for you, click here to read my article Malaysia Platinum Credit Cards - Which Is The Best For You?

And the highest level is Premium/Premier Credit Cards where the annual income requirement starts from above RM60K per year to above RM200K. Premier credit cards are cards that are ranked higher than Platinum Credit Cards. For Visa's case, the Visa Infinite is technically ranked higher than a Visa Signature. This category of credit card gives very good benefits for people who travel overseas often. Click here to read Malaysia Premier Credit Cards - Which Is The Best For You? Those of you looking for the best Enrich points redemption, I have prepared a table for your easy reference in this article.

For more credit cards reviews, please click here to my main blog CREDIT CARD REVIEW PAGE.

[UPDATE March 2012 - Still looking for the best credit card in Malaysia? Click here to read my article The Best Top Ten Credit Cards in Malaysia - Ultimate Showdown 2012]

Click here to read my artilce titled CreditCard No.8 Fool and to see my old credit cards and latest credit cards I have as of March 2011.

Click here to read Bank Negara Malaysia Ruling on Credit Cards Announced on 18th March 2011.

Click here to read my post on Credit Card Customer Service Contact Numbers

Click here to read my post titled Malaysia Credit Card Annual Income Requirement and Credit Limit.

If you are new to credit cards, I recommend that you read my article titled Credit Cards Are Cash Cow For Banks Are You Working For The Banks by click here. This article touched on Credit Card Interest Charges and traps by banks to make you spend more that your means and how you may end up in debt. A Must read if you are new to credit cards. This article gives an example on how interest are imposed on Outstanding Balances.

If you are looking for card to allow free access to Airport Lounge, or the best Cash Back Credit Card or how to earn extra pocket money from credit cards, please go the the relevant pages above and click on the title of the page. For example, you want to know which card gives you free access to  KLIA, LCCT or even worldwide airport lounges, go to top of this post and you'll see AIRPORT LOUNGE page, click on it.

Click here to read my article Hong Leong Bank Credit Cards - What Are They Good For? If you need a short term loan and desperate need cash from your credit card, this article may be of assistance instead of going with a Personal Loan Product.

Update August 2012 -  Click here to read my article The Best Credit Cards 2012 for Movie Tickets


  1. Hi there,

    Sorry if I am bothering you. I am not a credit card holder yet but lately I’m thinking of getting it "purely in case of emergency usage". My intended card would be the basic one. I simply not into dining or gas or shopping etc. Just wondering since you have deep understanding bout credit cards, would you mind aiding me in finding the right one? Please..

    ps: free annual fees for life would be great..

  2. tumpanglalu, cards that are really free for life without any conditions like swiping 12 times are:

    1. Maybankards mentioned above i.e. Maybankard 2 Cards and Maybank Petronas.
    2. Direct Access Cards if you are a graduate.
    3. CIMB Petronas.
    However, you still need to pay RM50 GST every year.

  3. Hi GenX,
    May I know which petrol station accept Maybankards 2 American Express® Card? Thank you.

  4. Infinity, generally the petrol stations that accept AMEX in Klang Valley are BHP, Caltex, Esso and Shell. However some may not accept AMEX; and some Petronas stations do accept AMEX if you pay at the counter. It is best you go check out yourself if the stations you pump petrol accept AMEX.

  5. Thanks for informations, GenX. I had cancel Direct Access card and plan to cut my SC card. I think of apply OCBC Titanum and may consider Maybankard 2 as well after year 2011 bcos worry bank may change Term and conditions like some promotion will be end December 2011.

    I wonder whether Maybankard AMEX can use to pay Utility Bill on-line on Weekend to entitle 5% cash back.

  6. Infinity, don't hope for the 5% cash back on weekends for utility bills. Having said that, some people have reported that they manage to pay MAXIS bills at kiosk on weekends (and I got no idea if they got the 5% cash back). Use the OCBC TMC for utility bills and get guaranteed 5% cash back and reserve the AMEX for weekend shopping or pumping petrol :)


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