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UPDATE March 2012 - For the latest Credit Card Balance Transfer Plans and Facts You Need To Know About Balance Transfer, please click on link below to my main blog called GenX GenY GenZ : to read my latest article on Balance Transfer.

Credit Card Balance Transfer Plan 2012 - Gone is the best 0% Interest Free Loan.

I have published several post on Balance Transfer since 2009.

If you are new to Balance Transfer, please read this article titled RM103 Billion Credit and Balance Transfer by clicking here. This post was written back in 2009 outlining the difference in Balance Transfer plans offered by banks. Some of the offers may have expired or have been revised, but, you'll sure learn a thing or two from this post and will help you to decide in choosing the best Balance Transfer Plan being offered by banks today.

Once you read the above, click on below links to read more articles on Balance Transfer and you may get some tips on how Balance Transfer Plans can be beneficial to you or entice you to spend more

January 2011 - Credit Cards Balance Transfer 2011 - 0% Interest Free Loan Again. In this post I wrote briefly about the pros and cons of CIMB Bank, Maybank, Public Bank, HSBC Bank, Alliance Bank and Hong Leong Bank Balance Transfer Plan. Hong Leong Bank's Balance Transfer Plan allows you to request for cash to be deposited into you Savings and Current Account; it like a cash loan which is good for emergency (please note emergency means life or death situation and not for buying stuff). And if you are thinking of doing BT with HSBC Bank, my advise is that you understand fully how it works because I don't.  The important thing to know when you sign up for Balance Transfer Plan are the Terms and Conditions where usually there would be some kind of penalty if you settle earlier prior to the expiry of the plan. 

February 2011 - CIMB and Maybank Balance Transfer Plans. In this post, I showed how CIMB 0% Interest Balance Transfer Plan works with 5% Minimum Payment every month and the difference compared to Maybank's plan. 

June 2011 - AmBank Credit Card Promotion 2011. In this article I touched on AmBank Balance Transfer Plan where you can freebies like iPad or other gadgets but it is really not free. Why you want to pay interest when you can go with 0% Balance Transfer Plans with other banks. 

September 2011 - Even if you have been settling you Outstanding Balances in full monthly. You still can benefit from Balance Transfer Plan for your major purchases. Click here to read my article Earn Pocket Money with Credit Cards.

November 2011 - RHB promotional 0% 6 Months Balance Transfer Plan runs until 31 January 2012. Click here to read more on RHB 0% 6 Months Balance Transfer Plan.

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  1. Not much new 0% RM0 charges Balance Transfer program in year 2012...


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